How to debilitate and update Identity Shield? Identity Shield helps us by providing secure Internet browsing and data security. It is a product of, considered one of the most reputable and notable, internet security software in the online market.

When doing online transactions, it keeps us and secure by blocking phishing sites or Trojan horses that always try to steal confidential data such as user names, passwords, security codes, account numbers and credit card numbers.

There are two types of versions available when talking about Security Identity Shield. The first version is exclusive to identity protection and prevents threats that attempt to steal information while doing the online activity. And the second version is for identity security plus threat detection. It also saves online activity and scans the version ion computer.

Software to block and remove from your computer,

You can choose to upgrade from one of the following Download install webroot Secure anywhere –

 Antivirus

This protects our devices from viruses and spyware, including Identity Shield as well as firewall protection.

 Internet Security Plus

It protects our devices including mobile devices and provides all the features of antivirus volume plus password management.

 Complete

It provides all the features of Internet Security plus Edition, along with backup management and system cleaner, which remove temporary files as well as browsing history.

If you want you to follow your terms, then you go down from that place-

 You need to open the interface main interface.

Select the link ‘Upgrade Now’.

Please note- If you face any problem while upgrading your Webroot version, contact the experts at the webroot helpline number to get quick technical support.

It is recommended to always keep the Webroot Identity Shield in ‘enable’ mode. But if you want to disable the activate Identity Shield for any reason, you can always try the steps listed below-

  1. You need to open the interface main interface
  2. Select the ‘Identity and Privacy’ tab.
  3. The Identity Shield window opens.
  4. The green button indicates that the gradient is ‘on’.

How to run a custom scan in {Updated}

When talking about any Internet security software that delivers top-notch security products not only to PCs but also to other devices, which are always newer and better versions with every passing year then any Support for Webroot cannot compete with antivirus. Secure Anywhere is one of the many products of the Webroot Company and is the latest security product that exceeds antivirus software.

The webroot SecureAnywhere selects you different types of SCANs

Quick: Surface scan of files loaded in memory. Scanning can run quickly, but it is likely that it may miss scanning some type of inactive Security malware that is launched after the system is restarted.

Note – If the scan is missed by an infection, the main interface will remain red until you run a total or multi-layer scan.

Complete: Scan of the hard drive. This activate scan is helpful if you frequently switch between system partitions or have stored many data that have never been scanned before.

Deep: The scan is analytic because it discovers all types of threats, including rootkits and passive malware. This is the default scan that runs from the main panel or system tray.

Scan Custom: Scan the files and folders and check the steps listed below to run a custom scan.

You definitely need to take steps to go to custom scan, SUCCESSFULLY

Note- If you face any problem while running a custom scan for Webroot SecureAnywhere, you can dial the webroot helpline number to get help from the technical team on your issues.

  1. You need to open the main interface.
  2. Click on ‘PC Security’ option.
  3. Select ‘Select Custom Scan’ from the ‘Scan’ tab.
  4. In the ‘Customized Scan’ dialog box, click the radio button for the type of scan you wanted to do.

Note – Select the ‘Custom’ option if you want to select a specific file or drive. After that, you can do some tasks like dragging or dropping files in this dialog, or click the ‘Add file or folder’ button to select those directories and files.

How to fix Error-102 on Antivirus?  – With the advancement in technology, it has become a boon for us as well. Boon, as has become easier to do with technology and Bain, comes with results, with every new upgrade. Hackers are using modern tools to steal our confidential data, bank details, and many more.

To fight them, you need powerful, total security online security software such as Antivirus. Generally, it works brilliantly, but sometimes users may have to face some errors like 102 or WB102, which could be due to incomplete registration when installing any product. You need to get rid of those errors in order to uninstall and restore Webber products by Webroot support.

Here who are similar in Webroot error 102 

  • Completed registration is complete. Security All the above errors require the same solution and follow the steps to correct the error. You can solve the issues yourself either through the given steps, or you can contact the Support for Webroot Phone Number to get help from experts.

Steps to check out Error-102

  • Try registering again
  1. To register for any activate, product, you must visit the website of
  2. Click on the ‘Create Account’ option to complete the registration process.
  3. Enter the correct Webroot product key on the box and type other details-

The Webroot product can be found online during the purchase of your registered email id or your phone number.

  • If you have purchased an offline activate product, you can find the product key on the cover or inside the box of the product key.
  1. Enter your valid email ID and password as well as the security question in the required field.
  2. Click on the ‘Registration Now’ option to complete the registration.
  3. If you are still facing similar issues, then you need to check the product key, even if it is kept correctly.
  4. Webroot products must be entered in the box or as an email ID without hyphens.
  5. Retype the SecureAnywhere product key and try to complete the registration.

Note – If you failed to contact, we will get technical support

  • Webroot account password reset
  1. Open the Webroot app first.
  2. Open your ‘ Webroot account’ with the correct email ID and password.
  3. If you log-in to your account and come up with error messages, click ‘Forgot Password Options’
  4. To get the password receipt link, type your registered email id.
  5. If you get an error message while sending the link then you have to click on ‘Resend Email ID’.
  6. Click on ‘Account’ option in
  7. Check your registered email id for the password reset link and click on it.
  8. Enter the new password to reset it.
  9. Now, you can log in to your Webroot account and check the error message.

Note- If you face similar issues

Where to Locate the Antivirus Keycode? {New Update} is one of the renowned American companies that offer Internet security products against their users’ devices and online threats. Online hazards such as viruses, spyware malware, and other cyber attacks can harm users’ devices in many ways. All support security products have various advanced features that allow their users to stay connected to the Internet without the risk of cybercrime or online threats. Sometimes users can fall into chaotic situations if they forget or lose Webroot antivirus key code. Thus, in the information given below, I am going to explain the easiest way to detect Security antivirus key code using Webroot Security Key. support Security Antivirus Keycode plays an important role during installation as well as Webroot installation. In this way, depending on the operating system installed on their device, users can find Web-based antivirus key codes on one of the step-wise processes described below:

Part A: Steps to detect activate Antivirus Keycode on Windows Devices:

First of all, launch the Webroot Secure Anywhere application on the Windows device.

Now, visit the main interface of the Webroot application.

And then, select the “My Account” option from Webroot Secure Anywhere’s main user interface.

After this, a new window will appear to users who display all information related to Webroot membership with their encodes.

Now, users can use this key code to activate Webroot antivirus for their Windows devices.

Part B: Steps to Detect Antivirus Keycode on Mac Devices:

First of all, open the main interface of Webroot Secure-Anywhere

Now, click the Webroot Antivirus icon from the menu bar of the interface.

And then, after clicking on the Webroot icon, select the option “Webroot-Secure” from the drop-down menus that appear to users.

Now, on the main window, tap on the “My Account” option.

After this, a window will be displayed on the screen that shows all details about Webroot membership that is subscribed by users.

This new window also has key code. Now, users can use this encoding for Webroot antivirus activation.

Important note: Instead of typing the Webroot code, it is recommended to copy and paste (if received as a key code match) wherever it is sent to the specified place to enter it in Webroot code.

Sometimes users may have to face some common errors if their key code is entered incorrectly. Some common error codes are listed below with its error messages:

Error message 1: “Keycode cannot be verified at this time.” (Most of the Internet connection is due to failure.) In this way, ensure that users have a proper Internet connection.

Error message 2: “Webroot error code FZLC0055: Keycode cannot be used.”

Error message 3: “Webroot error code FZLC0056: invalid or unknown key code.” (Most web but was due to delay during the activation process. Thus, after waiting for 5-10 minutes, try to reactivate Webber Antivirus.)

If you face any difficulty while doing the aforementioned phased process to detect Webroot antivirus encodes, you can call Download install webroot Secure anywhere at the webroot helpline number

Is a Good Option to Secure Your Data?

Regarding guarding anywhere and services like Webroot Billing Support, some general facts tell more about Internet safety software. With a list of features, the first and most important user-friendly interface makes it easy to analyze your device’s performance and to understand other plans. This private American company provides Internet security to consumers and businesses around the world. Along with the basic feature of virus scanning on offline mode, antivirus software also provides a high level of security for Internet security and firewall protection, as long as users have access to an Internet connection. Security software supports PC, Mac with various operating systems and versions, based on any specific product of Although the steps in Webroot secure anywhere are easy to install, it is recommended to have a licensed version of the software to access it and unlock the high-end set of features. When you are subscribed to activate Antivirus, it will automatically update and scan the system over time. The performance of Security is not affected by other works that are running simultaneously in the background. Antivirus comes for the trial version and also gives you an idea o performance. And apart from all these, there is much software as well as the opposition of Security antivirus, and to get rid of the security software’s confidentiality, you can always call the Webber support number.

Provision of Security is easy to use with its small footprint which makes big use of the resources provided by the software to detect hazards in the shortest possible time.

Activation is very easy to install and activate and it can be done in a few steps. There is no requirement for any type of adjustment because Webber is compatible with most operating systems.

High-class features are accessible with the membership plan of any product, which can be found in a very cost-effective range.

Many programs running at the same time without crashing can work. anywhere is easy to access customer support services through webroot to get easy guidance for any issues related to the product. Secure anywhere

Errors may depend on the operating system and its version that you are using. If your device is not compatible with or paired with software, you may have to face Webber errors, before you select any product, make sure that you check Webber system specifications. Although it extends it for business and personal purposes, it is important to check all the norms and procedures when installing webroot and subscribing. Below is a list of Connections, which have been fully tested and noted, however, if you face any other issues related to webroot, then by calling the webroot helpline number, get a straightforward content with

It requires a stable Internet connection. If your internet connection breaks down, it may stop scanning your device in real-time and security will be restricted.

Makes uses your computer’s resources and works better when fewer programs are running on the Windows operating system.

Ware antivirus sometimes creates false alerts about the detection of malware.

However, as well as receiving help by calling the support number, the cones can be removed by the end. You can get all the necessary information about your Webroot product through Webroot Billing Support.

How to set permissions in Secure Anywhere? – Nobody can deny this fact that with the advancement of technology, the advent of the internet has made people’s life easier than before. From shopping to financial transactions, everything has become digital. In order to complete these transactions, users must put their personal and confidential information on different websites, which is becoming a way for hackers to steal your data or even contaminate your device.

To deal with this situation, Secure Anywhere came to the rescue. Webber provides many security solutions that can be installed on one or more devices. If you are using any of the Webber Security software or antivirus on different devices and want to set different permissions on it, then you need to follow a specific set of instructions.

The installation of different permissions will help you to grant or restrict access to certain functions to a particular user. The settings will also help you to protect your device from malware and virus attacks, which attempts to change the antivirus settings without informing you. To change SecureAnywhere access settings, follow the instructions below:

  1. Access the Security Anywhere and click the Advanced Settings option available in the top-right corner.
  2. Under the settings panel, hit Access Control
  3. To change the settings, simply select or deselect the checkbox in front of it.
  4. Then, click Save
  5. it’s done!

If you are unable to find any of the Access Control settings, then webroot helpline number the Webber Subscription Support team at the Webber Subscription toll-free number. An expert will provide you the right solution immediately.

Below is the list of Access Control Settings:

  1. Enable password protection – Enabling this, only authorized users who have the password can make any changes
  2. Password – After enabling password protection, type password
  3. Repeat the password – After enabling password protection, enter the password again
  4. activate Security against process termination – Enabling this control access will prevent users and programs from terminating any process
  5. Protect against the process of tampering – Enabling this control access will prevent users and programs from changing the behavior of any process.
  6. Allow non-installation by non-administrator users – With this permission, you can use anti-malware tools, regardless of whether you are logged in as an administrator user or not.

Hide the key codes on the screen- enable to hide the key code or product key when it is displayed on the screen

  1. Allow non-admin users to access advanced features – Permissions allow you to use all the latest features, regardless of whether you are signed in as Administrator user or not
  2. Allow users to remove threats without password – Allow users even if password protection is enabled!



How to Transfer the Webroot Subscription to the New Device?

Webroot Technical Support

Find Your Wireless Password (Windows)

Source: Webroot Technical Support

Date: 29-06-2019 is one of the American organizations that have been building up its online security programming for offering the assurance againt online dangers. All the Webroot membership can be bought in to offer to insurance to boundless number of gadgets. Accordingly, the clients could without much of a stretch exchange their membership to another gadget as long as their membership stays dynamic. Consequently, the stepwise methodology to move the Webroot membership to another gadget has been referenced in the beneath data.

Before introducing the way toward moving the membership, the clients ought to be guaranteed that their membership is legitimate or not.

Ventures to move the Webroot Subscription are as per the following:

  1. Locate the Activation Code:-
  2. First and chief, find the 20-character alpha numeric Webroot enactment code and note it.
  3. The clients could without much of a stretch find the Webroot enactment code from both of the two areas recorded beneath:
  4. From the email sent from Security (if the membership has been obtained over web association)
  5. Printed content inside the Webroot Secure-Anywhere box (whenever obtained through retail locations).
  6. If the Webroot antivirus has been introduced to the clients’ gadget at that point, the clients may find their initiation keycode from the UI of the product. To do as such, pursue the means referenced beneath:
  7. Launch the UI of the activate by tapping the ‘Webroot’ symbol either from the taskbar or from the work area.
  8. Now, tap the Menu catch showed on the upper furthest right corner of the interface.
  9. And at that point, starting from the drop menu, click the “My Account” alternative.
  10. After this, a window will be provoked on the gadget having the insights about the Download install webroot Secure anywhere membership and enactment keycode.
  11. Uninstall the Webroot membership from plder gadgets:

The clients can without much of a stretch secure set number of gadgets by utilizing their Webroot Subscription. Therefore, the clients need to uninstall the Webroot arrangement from the more seasoned gadgets, if the permit has been introduced to most extreme number of gadgets. For uninstalling the Webroot Software, pursue the means referenced beneath:

  1. Go to the “Control Panel” by following the way as demonstrated as follows:

Begin Menu >> Control Panel

  1. Now, select the “Projects” choice from the Control Panel window.
  2. And at that point, select the “Uninstall a program” choice.
  3. A rundown will be shown on the screen that demonstrates every one of the projects that have been introduced to the clients’ gadget.
  4. From this rundown, select the ” webroot helpline number” programming and after that, click the “Uninstall” alternative.
  5. Install the Webroot Subscription to another gadget:

How to manage Webroot Endpoint Protection portal users?

Webroot Technical Support

Find Your Wireless Password (Windows)

Source: Webroot Technical Support

Date: 19-06-2019HOW TO MANAGE WEBROOT ENDPOINT PROTECTION PORTAL USERS? Search FOR THE ARTICLE FOR THE SOLUTION. On the off chance that you have Admin consent for Webroot Endpoint Protection then you can go for making new Management Portal clients to set authorization get to and alter the data. So when you make new users, Support  for Endpoint Protection sends them an email with mentioning for making a secret key and signing in.

While making new entryway clients, you’re in the attitude to add different heads for them to get to Webroot Endpoint Protection reports. You might need to include new clients with the restricted authorization to roll out any improvements or no progressions whatsoever, just survey the information.

Note-If you needed profit any benefits on your framework, don’t hesitate to contact Webroot Support to get help for the equivalent.


  1. Select the bolt beside login ID to open Security Endpoint Protection menu.
  2. Click on the alternative ‘Oversee clients’.
  3. Select the alternative ‘Make New User’.
  4. Enter your right email ID
  5. Select the time zone where the client is found and type the nation name, district or city to open a drop-down menu of decisions.
  6. Click on the checkbox ‘Yes’, beside ‘Do you wish to give this client Console get to?’.

Need to indicate the dimension of access to the client of activate Secure Anywhere or Webroot Endpoint Protection.

  • Note– If you face any issues while experiencing this means, you can whenever dial Webroot sans toll Number to get help from the expert.



  • On the Management Portal or Admin Console, when the clients as of now get to the entry then they will run over with the ‘Go to Webroot Endpoint Protection’ catch and enter the Management Portal.
  1. In the Webroot Secure Anywhere, select the drop-down bolt to click –

Basic ( constrained access to consoles and record settings)

Note-If you needed profit any Webroot benefits on your framework, don’t hesitate to contact webroot helpline number to get help for the equivalent.

How do you activate a new Webroot keycode?

Webroot Technical Support

Find Your Wireless Password (Windows)

Source: Webroot Technical Support

Date: 12-06-2019 antivirus verifies your gadget from different online just as disconnected hazard. With a bought in the result of the security programming, you set additional layers of security in different errands. When you actuate the antivirus membership, you get Support keycode on your enrolled email address. Then again, in the event that you are another client, you should make a record to utilize the propelled administrations of antivirus.

When you introduce the document, you can just duplicate glue the code legitimately into the introduced. In the event that you discover the system convoluted or face and inconvenience while playing out the procedure, dial Webroot Support Number for help. In the event that you have just introduced Webroot SecureAnywhere on your gadget, you can pursue these means to approve a keycode to the current programming.

Step by step instructions to ACTIVATE THE KEYCODE ON WINDOWS PC:

  1. Launch an internet browser and go to the Official website
  2. On the landing page, click My Account and login
  3. On the Account area, take a gander at the correct side of the presentation
  4. Under the Activate another keycode alternative, type in your Security keycode and snap Activate

The keycode has now been actuated. Window uses may associate with Webroot Support if any mistake experienced. In the event that you are utilizing the product on Mac gadgets, continue to execute the means as referenced underneath.

Step by step instructions to ACTIVATE THE KEYCODE ON MAC:

  1. Click on the activate symbol from the menu bar and open SecureAnywhere
  2. From the home window, click My Account
  3. In the My Account window, select Activate a New Keycode alternative
  4. Type in the new keycode and hit the Activate catch

It would be ideal if you note when you experience a mistake message while attempting to actuate another Download install webroot Secure anywhere keycode, re-check and affirm that you have entered the right keycode. The letters I/1, o/0, s/5, b/8, and others are frequently confounded when you enter the code. In the event that you discover the code right however, there has happened a blunder, approach webroot helpline number so as to fix the issue.

How to fix Webroot error or “invalid” messages on Windows PC or Mac?

Webroot Technical Support

Find Your Wireless Password (Windows)

Source: Webroot Technical Support

Date: 05-06-2019 antivirus gives web security just as a disconnected assurance to your gadgets for business and individual use. The security programming likewise brings follow expulsion specialist for clients who have a membership to any of the items. The organization is likewise giving the top of the line Support to the better client experience.

In any case, by and large, clients introduce the product without experiencing the wordings of similarity and the experience inconvenience toward the end. While you buy any Webroot item, try to check every one of the highlights offered by the utility. Additionally, check what the framework necessities for the species are so as to take out any sort of similarity mistake.

In the event that you as of now have Security introduced on your Windows PC or Mac, keep the antivirus programming refreshed, this will ensure your gadget consistently. For another situation, if the item is appearing blunder message while introducing or actuating, watch that you are entering right Webroot Keycode. To investigate the mistake, allude to the directions underneath or approach Webroot Toll-free Number webroot helpline number for expert help.

On the off chance that you are encountering blunder message while introducing activate on Windows PC or Mac, pursue the technique underneath and investigate the mistake.

1. Ensure that you are entering Webroot keycode effectively. In the greater part of the cases, the character, clients get mistook for this I/1, o/0, s/5, b/and the sort the code inaccurately that causes the mistake.

While Download install webroot Secure anywhere or introducing webroot on your PC or Mac by means of a plate, try to spare each letter or digit of the Webroot keycode to maintain a strategic distance from any blunder.

If you are introducing the application by means of an email that you have enlisted, duplicate glue the keycode in a straight line into the installer. Select the keycode all together utilizing a mouse, click right, select Copy alternative, and glue it on a sheltered and wanted area. You can likewise duplicate phase your Webroot keycode straightforwardly when you enact it or need it.

2. Check your Computer or Mac on the off chance that it has any more seasoned variant of Webroot programming introduced in it. It is conceivable that the more seasoned programming is hindering the establishment of the refreshed programming. Uninstall the past rendition of Webroot programming or update it with the most recent one.

3. If the mistake message of the keycode couldn’t be checked right now,” springs up on the screen confirm that your Webroot antivirus has the authorization to interface with the web and endeavor once more. Additionally, ensure that the web association you have is steady.

4. Click on Submit a Support ticket

To affirm the mistake has been fixed, run the product and break down its exhibition. In the event that the blunder still continues, interface with Webroot Support.