How to debilitate and update Identity Shield? Identity Shield helps us by providing secure Internet browsing and data security. It is a product of, considered one of the most reputable and notable, internet security software in the online market.

When doing online transactions, it keeps us and secure by blocking phishing sites or Trojan horses that always try to steal confidential data such as user names, passwords, security codes, account numbers and credit card numbers.

There are two types of versions available when talking about Security Identity Shield. The first version is exclusive to identity protection and prevents threats that attempt to steal information while doing the online activity. And the second version is for identity security plus threat detection. It also saves online activity and scans the version ion computer.

Software to block and remove from your computer,

You can choose to upgrade from one of the following Download install webroot Secure anywhere –

 Antivirus

This protects our devices from viruses and spyware, including Identity Shield as well as firewall protection.

 Internet Security Plus

It protects our devices including mobile devices and provides all the features of antivirus volume plus password management.

 Complete

It provides all the features of Internet Security plus Edition, along with backup management and system cleaner, which remove temporary files as well as browsing history.

If you want you to follow your terms, then you go down from that place-

 You need to open the interface main interface.

Select the link ‘Upgrade Now’.

Please note- If you face any problem while upgrading your Webroot version, contact the experts at the webroot helpline number to get quick technical support.

It is recommended to always keep the Webroot Identity Shield in ‘enable’ mode. But if you want to disable the activate Identity Shield for any reason, you can always try the steps listed below-

  1. You need to open the interface main interface
  2. Select the ‘Identity and Privacy’ tab.
  3. The Identity Shield window opens.
  4. The green button indicates that the gradient is ‘on’.

How to run a custom scan in {Updated}

When talking about any Internet security software that delivers top-notch security products not only to PCs but also to other devices, which are always newer and better versions with every passing year then any Support for Webroot cannot compete with antivirus. Secure Anywhere is one of the many products of the Webroot Company and is the latest security product that exceeds antivirus software.

The webroot SecureAnywhere selects you different types of SCANs

Quick: Surface scan of files loaded in memory. Scanning can run quickly, but it is likely that it may miss scanning some type of inactive Security malware that is launched after the system is restarted.

Note – If the scan is missed by an infection, the main interface will remain red until you run a total or multi-layer scan.

Complete: Scan of the hard drive. This activate scan is helpful if you frequently switch between system partitions or have stored many data that have never been scanned before.

Deep: The scan is analytic because it discovers all types of threats, including rootkits and passive malware. This is the default scan that runs from the main panel or system tray.

Scan Custom: Scan the files and folders and check the steps listed below to run a custom scan.

You definitely need to take steps to go to custom scan, SUCCESSFULLY

Note- If you face any problem while running a custom scan for Webroot SecureAnywhere, you can dial the webroot helpline number to get help from the technical team on your issues.

  1. You need to open the main interface.
  2. Click on ‘PC Security’ option.
  3. Select ‘Select Custom Scan’ from the ‘Scan’ tab.
  4. In the ‘Customized Scan’ dialog box, click the radio button for the type of scan you wanted to do.

Note – Select the ‘Custom’ option if you want to select a specific file or drive. After that, you can do some tasks like dragging or dropping files in this dialog, or click the ‘Add file or folder’ button to select those directories and files.

How to fix Error-102 on Antivirus?  – With the advancement in technology, it has become a boon for us as well. Boon, as has become easier to do with technology and Bain, comes with results, with every new upgrade. Hackers are using modern tools to steal our confidential data, bank details, and many more.

To fight them, you need powerful, total security online security software such as Antivirus. Generally, it works brilliantly, but sometimes users may have to face some errors like 102 or WB102, which could be due to incomplete registration when installing any product. You need to get rid of those errors in order to uninstall and restore Webber products by Webroot support.

Here who are similar in Webroot error 102 

  • Completed registration is complete. Security All the above errors require the same solution and follow the steps to correct the error. You can solve the issues yourself either through the given steps, or you can contact the Support for Webroot Phone Number to get help from experts.

Steps to check out Error-102

  • Try registering again
  1. To register for any activate, product, you must visit the website of
  2. Click on the ‘Create Account’ option to complete the registration process.
  3. Enter the correct Webroot product key on the box and type other details-

The Webroot product can be found online during the purchase of your registered email id or your phone number.

  • If you have purchased an offline activate product, you can find the product key on the cover or inside the box of the product key.
  1. Enter your valid email ID and password as well as the security question in the required field.
  2. Click on the ‘Registration Now’ option to complete the registration.
  3. If you are still facing similar issues, then you need to check the product key, even if it is kept correctly.
  4. Webroot products must be entered in the box or as an email ID without hyphens.
  5. Retype the SecureAnywhere product key and try to complete the registration.

Note – If you failed to contact, we will get technical support

  • Webroot account password reset
  1. Open the Webroot app first.
  2. Open your ‘ Webroot account’ with the correct email ID and password.
  3. If you log-in to your account and come up with error messages, click ‘Forgot Password Options’
  4. To get the password receipt link, type your registered email id.
  5. If you get an error message while sending the link then you have to click on ‘Resend Email ID’.
  6. Click on ‘Account’ option in
  7. Check your registered email id for the password reset link and click on it.
  8. Enter the new password to reset it.
  9. Now, you can log in to your Webroot account and check the error message.

Note- If you face similar issues